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Great gratitude comes ultimately from a place of great humility. Replacing expectation with awe, we see the world through childlike eyes. Everything is a gift, everything is alive, everything is thrilling.

~ Monique Minahan

"Lucy is simply the best." 

Lucy is simply the best. She has helped me understand my body in ways I couldn't have imagined possible. Her teachings of anatomy are detailed and precise. Through her teachings, I have discovered how to heal my body through yoga. I have become strong and confident on and off the mat. Thank you, Lucy. A truly wonderful teacher, mentor, and friend.    


"...I realized what had been missing for me – joy and laughter!"

I took a class with Lucy after trying unsuccessfully to connect with yoga for many years. In that class I realized what had been missing for me – joy and laughter! That was almost 20 years ago and since then I have taken too many classes with her to count, as well as workshops, private therapeutic classes, teacher training, and apprenticeships. I have learned to respect not just the joy she brings to yoga, but her incredible knowledge and an ability to look at students and know just what they need from yoga to enhance their well-being.


"I thank Lucy for helping me discover this joy."

Lucy has been my yoga teacher for many years.  She taught me in both my RYT 200 and RYT 300 programs at the Yoga Center of Columbia. Starting back in 2019, I began taking Lucy’s weekly yoga classes since she understood my knee problems and what I needed to do to heal them. I quickly learned that she knows about much more than knees. Four years later, my knees are much improved, as are my core strength, upper body strength, and balance. Lucy’s approach to teaching her students emphasizes strength, length and alignment and I am living proof that it works. At almost 71, I am strong enough and balanced enough to continue to pursue my favorite activities including riding my motorcycle. I thank Lucy for helping me discover this joy.


"I am a better teacher because of her." 

I have been so fortunate to study with Lucy for many years both through YTT programs at the Yoga Center of Columbia and as her apprentice in her yoga for special conditions classes. Both Lucy’s understanding of anatomy and her ability to teach it in a way that resonates with yoga teachers is exceptional, and has allowed me to work with students confidently, helping them feel good in their bodies. But more importantly, Lucy is fun, caring, and so creative in her teaching. I am a better teacher because of her.    


"... an absolutely incredible experience!"

I had the honor to be Lucy's yoga student and teacher trainee in 2021. It was an absolutely incredible experience! Lucy is an amazing teacher who shares her extensive knowledge and experience in a lovingly supportive and fun environment. Lucy's kind, direct-action oriented teaching instructions for her students are easy to follow which makes her classes both inspiring and easeful. Thanks to Lucy's exceptional mentorship, I was able to gain confidence in being a yoga teacher and successfully completed the Yoga Teacher Training program.


"Lucy's sensibility and encouragement engage every kind of student."

Lucy brings energy, wit, and enthusiasm to her teaching, in addition to the perspective and intelligence that only sincere and consistent professional study can bring. I particularly benefit from Lucy's knowledge on how to teach students with diverse bodies and abilities. Lucy's sensibility and encouragement engage every kind of student. I look forward to learning with her again!


"personal attention, gentle correction, and guidance. "

Lucy is one of the most energetic and relatable yoga instructors I have ever worked with. I haven't had the joy of being with her in a class in person, but she does not let technology get in the way of providing personal attention, gentle correction, and guidance. Her approach is very thorough so that her students can gain a comprehensive understanding of each pose and what these aging body parts were designed to do! If you get the opportunity to take one of her classes, it will be well worth your time.


" to accommodate everyone no matter what their physical limitations may be..."

Lucy always has a very positive and upbeat energy which makes class enjoyable and entertaining. She is able to accommodate everyone no matter what their physical limitations may be and provides valuable feedback in how to improve or modify different positions. Great instructor!


"Practice with her is good for the soul!"

Lucy is the best! That says it all in one sentence. If I could re-name the website it would be “I love Lucy“ for sure. I have practiced yoga under her direction for a number of years so I feel qualified to make that judgment.  Lucy is kind and she is fun, but she doesn’t let you get away with a hyperextended knee or any other sloppy pose.  I would recommend her to my best friend no matter what level of her yoga practice or ability. She can always find a modification for you to make the pose accessible for you — after all her specialty is teaching people with amputations. She can help to find poses for most aches. I feel that if you want to get the most out of your yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ practice, think of Lucy’s classes as the most enjoyable pre-requisite. Lucy will teach you the best, safest and most beneficial  way to get into the pose, out of it, and anything in between! Practice with her is good for the soul!


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