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Yoga Classes & Workshops

Practices that can enhance one's daily health, wellness, and sense of self.

In the light-hearted, practical manner in which I approach life, I teach therapeutic essentials of alignment-based yoga. In every class and every pose, I teach alignment of the bones, muscles, connective tissue, & breath.


life-affirming, practical, and applicable right here, right now

 I teach yoga to support letting go and accepting yourself wherever you are in life. I also believe that "it's not about the pose," and prefer to help you adapt the pose to fit your body/mind rather than trying to force you to fit some ideal of the pose.

I teach studio and specialty classes, workshops, teacher trainings, retreats, and private yoga therapy sessions. 

Weekly Hybrid Classes:

All Classes Hybrid: In Studio or Simultaneous Live Streaming Zoom

Weekly Online Classes:

Virtual (Zoom) Only 

FREE Accessible/Amputee Yoga co-taught with Heather Thamer and Lucy Lomax:  Thursdays 1:00-1:45. 

Learn more about Heather here.

2023 Workshops

$25 to Attend

Workshop Basics

Held at the Yoga Center of Columbia, MD, MD


Each workshop will cover alignment and movement principles for areas covered, then focus on experiencing those principles in action through poses, adaptations and exercises. Will also include a handout of poses and actions covered. If a workshop you're interested in has passed, please contact me for future dates.

with Lucy Lomax

Jan. 14,  2023

Yoga for Arthritis and Osteoporosis 

Seasonal change can be

hard on the body.

We will explore new yoga poses, adapt traditional poses, and explore breathing and relaxation techniques to help open space in the joints and create ease in the body.

Jan. 21, 2023

Anatomy in Action, 1

Applied Yoga Anatomy for Teachers: Lower Limbs & Pelvis

Working with aligning from the soles of the feet through the lower legs, knees, and upper legs into the hip joints (pelvis).

Jan. 22, 2023

Teaching Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Prison Yoga Focus

We will explore how yoga poses and practices, guided meditation, breathwork, and myofascial release can be used to help those dealing with trauma to re-establish ownership of their bodies and minds, an essential step for healing.

Feb. 4, 2023

Anatomy in Action, 2

Applied Yoga Anatomy for Teachers: Pelvis, Lower Back, Core


Working with aligning from the pelvic floor, sacrum, lower back, deeper abs, and spinal muscles.

Feb. 11, 2023

Yoga Hips, Hamstrings & Lower Back

The painful effects of  a sedentary lifestyle.


We will examine some of the reasons our bodies have become contracted, and work to open, lengthen and strengthen chronically tight and weak areas in the hips, hamstrings, and lower back.

Mar. 4, 2023

Anatomy in Action, 3

Applied Yoga Anatomy for Teachers: Core, Upper Back, and Upper Limbs

Working with aligning from deeper abs, ribcage/thoracic spine, arms, and hands.

Mar. 11, 2023

Help for Hyperextension

Applied Yoga Anatomy for Teachers: Core, Upper Back, and Upper Limbs

Through discussion and yoga poses, this workshop will answer all your questions about hyper-extending a joint – from the mechanics of, and why it happens, to how to prevent it through healthy alignment practices.

Mar. 18, 2023

Anatomy in Action, 4

Applied Yoga Anatomy for Teachers: Shoulders, Neck and Head

Working with aligning from the shoulder blades, collarbones, upper chest, neck and head.

April 1, 2023

Yoga for Your Knees

Do your knees ache after walking, running or yoga? 

In this workshop, we will explore ways to better align the knee, strengthen the muscles of the upper and lower leg, use the muscles of the foot to support the knee, and balance the body weight more effectively. 

Oct. 14, 2023

Yoga for Your Head, Neck and Shoulders

Do you have chronic tightness or pain in your shoulders, neck, upper, middle, or lower back? 

In this workshop we will explore ways to relax tight muscles, strengthen weak ones, and increase range of motion in tight areas.  Learn ways to support the body while integrating optimal postural support for the head, neck, and shoulders. 

Oct. 28, 2023

Explore the anatomy of the pelvic floor.

Exploration of the anatomy of the pelvic floor combined with experiential practices engaging the various levels and muscles that support a healthy pelvic floor.

Yoga for Your Pelvic Floor 

Nov.4, 2023

Yoga for Pain Management

Pain management through movement and breath.


Anatomy of the mechanics of pain and pain management, common conditions and areas of pain in the body, and simple yogic movement, breath, and meditative practices to support releasing pain and calming the nervous system

Nov. 11, 2023

Core Strength

for Back Support

Strengthen your core to support your lower back.

An active workshop including poses for upper body strength, arm balances, and plank-type moves, as well as yoga poses with core and strengthening emphasis.

Dec. 2, 2023

Relieve pain caused by scoliosis.


Anatomy of how scoliosis affects alignment and breathing, and practices to help relieve pressure, tightness, and pain caused by scoliosis.

Yoga for Scoliosis 

Dec. 9, 2023

Yoga for 


Balance and Ease

How does one gain strength in yoga?

This workshop will help you develop techniques that will help better access muscle strength and energy within each pose and better access strength to support fluidity, balance, and ease.

Stay tuned for new date

Explore healing benefits when the two combine.

In this workshop we’ll explore blending blending breath and movement to create an increased sense of spatial awareness, coordination, and a deep sense of calm and ease.

Healing Through Breath and Movement

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